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Villa Ljubica is located on very quite and colourful place Soline, one of the oldest places on the
island Dugi Otok. It is situatedon it's northwest side - there is a well known beach Saharun in
the near - one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast.
There is also the highest lighthouse on the coast (42 m high) which showes a way to sailors for
more than 150 years. The lighthouse is enclosed with beautiful sand beach and pine tree wood
(people from whole country come here to get married).
There is not to forget our famous Park of Nature - Telašcica - withit's famous salt lake "Mir"
which is 6-10 m deep with healthy mud, and it's salty water which is always 6 degrees warmer than
sea water.
In the Park of Nature Telašcica you shoul surely visit the highest cliffs on the coast called
"Stene" that on some points reach about 200 m above sea level, and are vertical about 90 degree.
Telašcica borders with our famous National Park Kornati - the pearl of Adriatic which is surrounded
by more than 125 islands and reefs. Kornati Nationalpark is possible to visit every day by our
excursion boats.
First organised outdoor excursion on Dugi Otok reaches to 1904, when the cave "Strašna pec" was
visited by Franz Joseph.
Dugi Otok is 45 km long. 1-4 km wide, it's highest peak "Vela straža" reaches up to 338 m.
The island is sheer on it's northwest side; there are magnificant cliffs and a lot of bays.
Among all the beaches Saharun and Telašcica (and of course the lighthouse) are the pride of
the island. There is no need to mentionwe have a mediterrian climate, long and hot summers andmilde
winters. A number of sun hours goes up to 2700 a year and averageraindays is 90.
Island population is 1800 in 11 villages. All places are connected withroad, which provides you a
beautiful view to all sides of the island. The island is famous by it's rich offer of herbs and
many sorts of aromatic plants. A convenient sea current, a crystal clear sea in green surrounding
with many islands arround, gives you cosy and warm feeling - like a real hug of nature.